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Origin: San Rafael, Ecuador

Process: Washed

Varietal: Ecu-Robusta

Notes: Granola, Brazil Nut, Dried Fig, Apple, Clove

Let's talk about ROBUSTA! This oft-maligned coffee species gets a bad rap for being cheap, bitter, low quality coffee - but we're here to show you why everything you thought you knew about it is about to flipped on it's head! This coffee is a wild experience for those of you who are deep in the specialty coffee world, and challenges your tastebuds to redefine what a great cup of coffee means to you.

We love this coffee for a lot of reasons - first of all, it tastes great! Robusta doesn't have the juicy, sweet acidity that specialty arabica is known for - but this expertly produced robusta has a crazy complex flavour of nutty granola and dried fruits that finishes with a surprising apple and clove finish. It is an approachable and smooth coffee thats great black but takes milk and sugar magnificently! Secondly, treating robusta with respect is essential for the health of the global coffee market. Robusta is easier to grow at different altitudes, more resilient to diseases such as leaf rust (which can wipe out entire farming regions), and has a higher yield per tree, providing more farmers with higher profits.

We hope we can get you on board with this fun exploration into a side of specialty coffee that a lot of folks don't dare to go. We can't wait for you to tell us what you think! 

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