Monarch Coffee

Kansas City, MO
"Founded by a barista and an artist, Monarch is a marriage of coffee and art.

Opened in July 2017 by Tyler and Jaime Rovenstine, Monarch was a vision several years in the making. After welcoming their first child, they decided to finally work towards opening the shop they had been dreaming about creating for over a decade.

An established and decorated barista, Tyler brings the coffee excellence, with thirteen years in the specialty coffee industry, Q grader certification, recognition in both regional and national barista competitions (2013 South Central Regional Barista Competition, Finalist; 2014 South Central Regional Barista Competition, Champion; 2014 United States Barista Competition, Semi-Finalist, 12th in USBCs), and steadfast leadership in the KC coffee community. Jaime oversees Monarch’s creative direction and established the brand’s overall aesthetic vision, cafe design, and strong social media presence."

- Tyler and Jaime
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